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Brandfolder Product Updates
Intelligent Image Recognition
Extracting your data got a whole lot better with Intelligent Image Recognition. Moving forward you'll see extracted data such as auto-tags, colors and text image appear after uploading an asset. 
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June UX Enhancements
We've added some valuable enhancements to your Brandfolder including sticky headers, visible search for easy access, and noticeably faster thumbnail loading. 
Bulk downloading, resizing and embedding
Bulk download, resize or embed your assets faster than ever before. Do it all at once and save valuable time and resources. 
Let Me Brandfolder That For You (LMBfTFY)

Want an April Fools' joke you can use year-round? If you’re tired of the same co-worker asking for the same asset time and time again, send them a Let Me Brandfolder That For You. Yep, it’s just like Let Me Google That For You, but for Brandfolders. 
Give it a try here. Your annoying co-worker may finally see just how easy it is to find assets on their own. 
Brandfolder Announces Insights
Announcing Brandfolder Insights. Insights gives you the data you need to better understand the performance of your assets and users. It’s better analytics for your brand, and it’s available now. Learn more here

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Brandfolder Integration With Enable PitchPerfect
We're excited to announce the Brandfolder for PitchPerfect integration: a smarter, faster way to create pitch documents while maintaining your brand's look and feel.

Available immediately for PitchPerfect and Brandfolder customers, the Brandfolder for PitchPerfect integration empowers clients to create customized pitch documents in the powerful suite of Microsoft Office applications, utilizing content directly from their SharePoint environment and imagery directly from their Brandfolder.

To learn more, fill out this form. 

Thumbnail Customization
You now can customize thumbnails within your Brandfolder. Click on the asset thumbnail you'd like to change, click "edit asset", then "advanced", and select the asset you'd like to use for the new thumbnail. 
Sort your Brandfolder
Now it’s easier than ever to find what you’re looking for with sorting. Sort your assets by name, recently added assets, or older assets within your Brandfolder. Simply click on the sort dropdown from your Brandfolder and select the sort type you wish to view.
Brandfolder Introduces Templating
Create on-brand templates in Adobe InDesign and make them available for online editing and customization right from Brandfolder. To see Templating in action, view this video
Play audio in the asset modal
You now have the ability to listen to your audio files directly from your Brandfolder.

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In-doc search
Brandfolder now supports in-doc search, making it easier than ever to find the assets you're looking for. When searching, it will pull data from within your assets (i.e. within a word document) that matches your search criteria. 
Slack updates
We've added behavior analytics to the Slack Brandbot. 
Semi-Secret Features You Should Know About
Discover 8 features that will change the way you work. Learn more about them here.
Plugin support for Adobe CC 2017
We upgraded our Brandfolder Adobe integrations to support Adobe CC 2017.  
Customize Your Brandfolder
We have added a number of new ways to customize your Brandfolder.  Learn More
Search for Assets with Comments
You can now quickly and easily find all Brandfolder assets with comments.
Advanced Video
We knew it was important to upgrade our video capabilities and offer you a superior experience. So, we’re proud to announce Advanced Video, allowing you to manage video better and in a more scalable way.  You can now upload many different formats, export different formats and resolutions, clip your videos, and add watermarks.  As well as embedded those videos where they are needed.  

Learn More
Updates to Collections
Happy Monday! We’ve got a few updates to Collections that’ll make securing and sharing your assets even easier. (And in case you don’t know: Collections are a way to create and share groups of customized assets.

Here’s what you need to know:

  1. Request Access: Eliminate back-and-forth communication by enabling new users to request access straight from the Collection’s page. This will send a notification email to the Brandfolder’s admin, where they can manage permissions for new requesters. 
  2. Domain Whitelisting: Make sharing your Collections across organizations a breeze by whitelisting entire domains for easy access. This means that your Collection can automatically approve email addresses under a certain domain name.
  3. Simple Password: Protect your Collection with a simple password. Only users with the Collection’s password can access your Collection’s assets.

Want to take a closer look at these features, or learn how to toggle them on? Take a peek at our latest post on the Brandfolder blog.
Adobe InDesign Integration
We're proud to announce our newest integration: Brandfolder for Adobe InDesign!

This plug-in will allow you to drag and drop Brandfolder assets directly into an InDesign document, without leaving InDesign. No more wasting time toggling between different windows, or interrupting your workflow to find the perfect asset. Now creatives can focus on what they do best — creating.

And here's a bonus: All Brandfolder customers get a free 30-day trial of this integration. To get your trial and to learn more about its benefits, visit the Brandfolder blog
Collections Tagline
Customize the messaging for your Collections with our newest feature, Collections Tagline! You can now add taglines to your Collections, making it even easier for your audience to understand what they’re viewing. 

Simply navigate to your desired Collection, and click on the gear icon on the right-hand side. Click on “Basic Settings”, and type in your desired tagline in the “Tagline” text box. Hit “Update Collection,” and you’re good to go!
Organization Search
Searching for assets just got a whole lot easier with Org Search! Now you can search for assets across all the Organizations you belong to. Simply click on the magnifying glass icon on the right-hand side of your Org View page, and enter your query. Happy searching!
Pinned Tags for Collections
You can now pin specific search words to the top of your Collections, making it super easy for your audience to find what they’re looking for. 

To use this feature, navigate to your desired Collection and type your search query in the search bar. Hit enter, then click on the thumbtack icon on the right-hand side. Name your search query — this is what will appear on the top of your Collection. Click on “Pin Search,” and voilà! Your Collection has a new Pinned Tag. 

Preview Office Documents
You can now preview Office Documents without having to download the files and open them in a local version of Excel, Word, or PowerPoint.

Test it out by visiting Santa's Christmas Cookies Recipe in Word format, and click the thumbnail of the asset. This will open a viewer in a new tab that allows you to preview and search in the document without needed to save it to your local disk!
Brandfolder Chrome Extension
Almost 60% of our customers are using Google Chrome as their browser of choice -- starting today those customers can install our fresh new Brandfolder Chrome Extension!

By default the extension will display your Organization page, but if you'd prefer to point to a specific Brandfolder that you access most often simply right click on the icon and choose "Options".

The extension offers every bit of functionality that you can do on, which makes this extension great for things like:
  • Searching & downloading the latest logo in a specific size & format
  • Generating a share link for a group of assets
  • Approving & commenting on files currently being worked on

Search your Brandfolder from the Chrome URL bar

Brandfolder Chrome Extension
Filter by date created or modified
You can now search and created Pinned Searches based on the created_at or updated_at attributes on assets. This allows you to create a Pinned Search for something like "Recently Updated" and make it easier for users of your Brandfolder to find the assets they need.

Some example search queries using these new attributes:

Find assets created in the last 30 days

Find assets updated in the last 3 months:

Find assets updated on April 24, 2015:
::updated_at:>2016-4-24 AND updated_at:<2016-4-26

Find assets created in 2015:
::created_at:>2014-12-31 AND created_at:<2016-1-1

If you want to see it in action, try clicking on the Recently Updated pinned search in our Brandfolder:
Playable Audio Files
Audio files (MP3/WAV/OGA/M4A/AAC) are now playable inside your Brandfolder. See as an example. If you'd like this enabled on your account, please reach out to
Brandfolder for Microsoft Office 365 Groups
Brandfolder was just announced as an initial partner for the Microsoft Office 365 Groups. You can connect Brandfolder to your Office 365 account for a real-time feed of all Events in your Brandfolder. Read more about the announcement here.

Office 365 Groups
Zap files to Brandfolder
We've had a Zapier Integration with our Event Feed for a while - which has allowed you to send events from Brandfolder to a number of different services.

Today, we're happy to announce the addition of a much more improved Zapier Integration where you can create Assets & Attachments based on other Zap's triggers. This allows for workflows such as:
  • Add Google Drive files as they're created
  • Automatically upload Dropbox/Box files when they're added to specific folders
  • Create a unique email address to upload assets to a specific section in your Brandfolder
  • Add new Basecamp files to your Brandfolder

If you'd like to be one of the first to try this new integration, you can install the Zap. Shoot us an email at and let us know how you're using it!

Brandfolder Zap
Advanced Download
Brandfolder now has a feature that will let you be much more selective with what you download. If the feature is enabled, you'll see a drop-up appear when you hover on the Download option in the Bulk Actions bar. Selecting "Download Some" will bring a modal that looks like the screenshot below. You can click to select, shift+select, or use the search and the "Select Visible" link to select the filtered attachments.

This feature allows you to download select attachments for scenarios such as:

  • Only the PNG file types
  • Only images with 2200px widths
  • Only images smaller in file size
  • Only specific versions

    Advanced Download Modal
SAML Now Supported
Want to tap into your Google Apps account - or maybe your corporate Active Directory? Brandfolder now works with all providers that are capable of connecting to SAML enabled services.

Anyone that signs in with their credentials through your own login will be dropped into a limbo state until an Administrator in Brandfolder grants them access to specific levels (Organization/Brandfolder/Collection).
Support for files up to 10 GB
You can now upload files up to 10 GB using the File Picker. First click the drag-zone to bring up the File Picker which allows for larger files to upload faster. Then simply choose or drop your files in! You'll need to leave the browser open until the files are finished downloading.

File Picker
New Assets Selected
When you upload files or create new assets, they'll now be automatically selected after creation to allow you to take immediate actions on them such as:
  • Tag
  • Merge all files into 1 asset
  • Add to a Collection
  • Move to another Brandfolder/section
  • Share
  • Approve/Unapprove
Integrations Page
See all of the integrations at
Sub-menu in Bulk Actions Bar
With all of the latest features, the Bulk Actions bar was getting a little lengthy, so we broke it up into sub-menus. If you're looking for the TagMove, or Merge bulk actions first click on More in the main menu. We'll be expanding the use of Bulk Actions this way, so don't be alarmed if the action you want is no longer listed initially - it might just hiding behind a click!

More actions here...

Sub-menu of Bulk Actions
Collections Easier to Access
A dropdown for collections has been added to the Organization view. This allows you to quickly jump to a collection without having to first load the Brandfolder.

Collections now appear on Brandfolder cards
Reusable Invitations
You can now easily create a Reusable Invitation by typing a * in the invitation textarea. This will effectively create a "catch-all" invite that can be sent to as many people as you want. To get the link, click the share icon next to it. If you want to turn off the invite, simply delete it by hitting the x next to it.

Create a Reusable invitation for easily inviting multiple users
Bulk Merge
We'll detect and ask if you want to merge files upon upload, but we've never had a way to merge existing assets - that changes today. Collaborators and above will now see a Merge action in the Bulk Actions More sub-menu (select more than 1 of the same file type asset to see this action). When you click Merge you'll be presenting with a modal and the option to select the destination asset (which will retain the Name & Description).

Choose which asset to merge into...
Better Search Experience
Search has been a bit neglected at Brandfolder - it was small and shoved to the right of section names. If you had more than just a few characters to search for it quickly became annoying.  Tip: use the extra space to fill out Advanced Search Queries!

Search is now a full width input across the bottom of your sections and pinned searches
Ignore Specific Events in Event Feed Integrations
We've been using the Slack Event Feed integration internally for some time now, so we understand first-hand that getting a firehose of data sent to Slack (or any other service via the Zapier Integration) can be overwhelming. For this reason, we've created a filter mechanism to ignore events that you don't need to see in your external apps. More information on this feature can be found in our knowledgebase article.

Add a list of Events to ignore in the Event Feed integrations tab
Custom Fields
Custom Fields allow you to enter as many custom fields associated to assets. These will show up under Descriptions on assets and are searchable.

Edit mode of Custom Fields
More Metadata
We are now indexing for search the following metadata fields on files uploaded:
  • Keywords
  • Caption-Abstract
  • Artist
  • Copyright
  • ColorSpaceData
  • ColorMode
  • DateTime
  • ImageDescription
  • Make
  • Model
  • Software
  • Description
  • Manufacturer
  • AuthorsPosition
  • CaptionWriter
  • Category
  • Country
  • Credit
  • Headline
  • Source
  • Title
  • TransmissionReference
  • Urgency
  • WebStatement
  • CreateDate
  • Creator
  • Lens
  • PersonInImage
  • Instructions
Slackbot Integration
If you use Brandfolder & Slack, @Brandbot will be your new best friend. Grab it from the Slack App Directory.

Uploading an asset within Slack

Search your Brandfolder within Slack
Asset Comments
Comments is now a feature available that allows you to have conversations on assets with all other collaborators of that Brandfolder or collection.

Comments on a specific asset with replies
Simple Workflow
You can now require that when Collaborators create new assets they first go into a pending state that requires Administrators to approve before it's published for any guests viewing the Brandfolder.

Approved and Pending assets side-by-side
Better Invitations
Now, when you invite a user to multiple Brandfolders they only need to accept one of the invites in their email and upon accepting it will seek out all other invites and auto-accept them.

On that note - if a user already has a Brandfolder account, inviting them will simply add them as a user. No need for them to accept the invite at all; the next time they login they'll see their new Brandfolders!
Coated & Uncoated Pantone Colors
When adding or editing colors, you can now input both your Coated & Uncoated Pantone values.

Edit view of Colors
Our new public API has just been released - all documentation can be found at

In order to use most of the calls, you'll need to get your own API key at Every user gets a key with 50 calls/hour. If you'd like to use this in a product environment get in touch with us at
Named Pinned Searches
Pinned Searches can now be labeled as something different from what the search they trigger. For example, if you're filtering on tags in specific section you can have it trigger that search simply by clicking on a word that might say "Product".

To use this, simply click the "Pin" icon on the right side of the search bar. Collaborators & above have the ability to Pin Searches for all users of the Brandfolder.

Pinned Search with a label
List the Brandfolders You're Following
You can see a list of Brandfolders that you're following (the weekly digest of updates) at Here you can toggle them on/off depending on your preferences.
Add Header Images & Card Images
Under Basic Settings on Brandfolders & collections you'll see spots to add your own images for the Header Image (which shows at the top of the Brandfolder) & Card Image (which shows on the Organization view).

Easily upload a Header Image and Card Image
Two-factor Authentication
We've added Multi-Factor Authentication to add an additional layer of security to your Brandfolder user account. By enabling MFA, you'll be required to enter a code either texted to your cell phone or provided via the Authy app before you can successfully login - alongside your username (email) and password.

2-factor authentication now available
More Info on Request Access
Access Requests used to require only an email address - starting today you can have them fill out a textarea with whatever information you want. As an Admin, if you view "Privacy Settings" you'll see the additional field to fill out under Request Access section.

In the email alerts of new requests you'll be sent all of the information so you can make a decision on whether to grant them access to the Brandfolder or not.

More than just email...

Requestors will be required to fill out all sections
Improved Tagging
Tags now have their own field, along with a highly requested auto-complete. It will pull a list of all tags inside the Brandfolder and appropriately suggest while typing.

If you'd like to ignore the suggestions, simply type a comma or click the 'x' in the dropdown menu.

Tagging now with autocomplete